Thursday, February 24, 2011

Many A Little Makes a Mickle

Its been 4 months already since the birth of our son and I thought it was about time to start journeling this little ones small steps leading to big things. 

Matthew Alexander Dean, precious little Madd, is the most beautiful little boy anyone could have ever asked for.  Officially 16 wks and 2 days he is already a handful.  Our little one has lots to say and many places to go.  He babbles on for minutes and expresses his irritation when mama takes a minute to do her workout instead of devoting her exclusive devotion to doting over this precious little boy.  Then goes on and on telling, after awakening, on his Auntie Ria who endured watching him during the moment of fussiness, she is in fact the only other one besides Mama and G-Pa who can get Madd to sleep.

He's been attempting to army crawl or as hubby says "crawling under the barbwire" since he was days old.  Still attempting he can move some inches but lets face it, he HATES tummy time and persists fighting with it until he is too tired to take anymore.  But thats Madd our "Little Fighter".  Already wanting to sit up like a big boy, and mama is having to pull on the reigns. "Matthew you can't sit up til you have better head control!"  My antics, however, do not stop him as he squirms and fusses when we lay him at a 45degree angle, so much so that the other day while loungeing on his boppy he was so infuriated that he clenched his fists to his body and with great grunts lunged himself forward and up, much to the familys surprise!  What a little goober!  

And yet, these are only the beggining of many writings, brags and pictures....

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