Wednesday, November 7, 2012

9/11/12 A.M.L

So far it's been a long and painful battle. Dad's at the point where his energy is fading as well as his comprehension. His responses are vague almost like he's sleep walking. We finally got him hooked up to an I.V. today for fluids and to prevent any dehydration, which is kind of ironic since the nurse we saw today told us that based on his blood test he's been dehydrated for weeks and that this should have been a given for his treatment long ago. Thanks a lot Mr. M.D. At M.D. Anderson. It's one thing to just not agree with us for opting out of going through with the "standard" treatment of chemotherapy due to our conscientious choice to refuse blood transfusions, but to just throw your hands up and fail to offer any kind of suggestion for alternative treatment because we don't want dad to just be another number, is just appalling. Yes, we refuse blood transfusions. No, that doesn't mean we don't want the best health care out there, nor does that mean we don't accept other alternative whole blood fractions like erythropoietin to boost the blood count, or any other method of treatment that could possibly work. So much for being the greatest cancer hospital in the world. So much for all that non profit research, they're just big phonies constantly searching for "alternative" cancer treatments that they will never find, it's always just 50 years away. It brings tears to my eyes to think science has the ability to create an environment that can allow Felix Baumgartner to successfully jump and land a 24 mile high free fall, without ever spontaneously combusting, or breaking a bone, or turn into a human centrifuge. He didn't even need a minute after landing to compose himself or get his bearings. All in the name of science and yet the closest thing we've come to for cancer treatment is chemotherapy and radiation, a method of treatment they stumbled upon when it's original purpose (mustard gas) was for chemical warfare during World War I. We are at the time in history when we are begging for God to finally take just action and relieve us from the miseries of this horrid world.

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