Friday, October 5, 2012

Restless Nights

So I can't sleep. Completely unmotivated to write, but sooo restless. I even tried to wake up my husband for a small eency weency bit of understanding, support, consolation. Didn't happen. Instead I got a couple of grunts, a kissing teeth sound and then the obvious utter "why did you do that? I'm sleeping." No...really? As if I didn't give it any thought before I decided to wake you. I guess that sweet form of consolation and consideration just slips through the cracks over time. Oh to be date mates again. How is it that some couples fall more and more in love with their spouses, while others undoubtedly grow in their love and yet, excel in irritation? Remember when the little things used to cause so much upset? I remember expressing my dismay over squeezed toothpaste, most of you know exactly what I'm talking about, but for those of you who don't let me elaborate. The squeezed tooth paste that just oozes out the top because the faulty user forgot to read the little disclaimers notice that said to push toothpaste from the bottom up. In not talking about a full tube of toothpaste because squeezing from the center wouldn't matter, rather its the almost finished tube that has had the life and jelly-oozed life squeezed out of it from the center, has accumulated residue on the top, to the point that the little flap no longer closes. Shortly followed by the second little annoying quirk, "We need more toothpaste." What?! Irritation setting in as you discover that it's not more toothpaste we need but rather Siri to tell us the "to do" on how to use our tooth paste tube, or for that matter maybe they should just feature a commercial on t.v during the football game, or broadcast it on a podcast or sports news. Needless to say once you discover this "empty" tube and make the proper adjustments you can minimally get another week or two out of it. Must be the delirious frugal girl in me talking. Remember the late nights on the phone even though you both had to be at work early the next morning, the countless love letters and phone calls during the day. Married life works over a couple reality checks. Turns into plenty of late nights...talking to the t.v. news or yelling at the refs in the 100th game of the season. Oh and let's not forget the countless letters... From financial institutions reminding you when your bills are due. Then there's the "Why do I have to call you all day, you know I have to work?" It's so ironic, all those untouchable love movies that make love so idealistic. Which brings us back to the main point that I still can't sleep, while significant other has now etched himself to the edge of the bed so I won't bother him with my tossing and turning and is peacefully snoring away. I swear to you tomorrow he will tell me he didn't get to sleep at all! Oh what a pity! I could have been in a peaceful slumber too, if only I would have gotten just a little bit of understanding and a brief convo. I probably would have fell fast asleep. Instead, here I am writing about idiosyncrasies and listening to an obnoxious pipe banging every five minutes or so, beside our bedroom window (not sure from what). Also not sure what causes our baby monitor to make a deathly unclear white noise every now and then, that makes you literally want to jump up from bed and run for cover. Maybe I can find some music to my ears from these delicate repetitious noises that just might help me to sleep. Inhale, exhale, snore, pipe bang, radio static... inhale, exhale, snore, pipe bang, baby whimper, radio static... Then again, maybe not.

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